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How can a wide range of satisfying careers be facilitated for those with a talent and a passion for science?

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Sonali Sengupta

Posted: July 10, 2015

Topic: Improving Career Paths
“Identify the reason a person is stepping into the field of biological sciences. I think the intent and motivation for pursuing science is one of the indicators for reaching a certain proficiency level in science and scientific research, and obtaining success. For eg a person whose sole motivation is entrepreneurial may not be motivated to do a postdoctoral fellowship…..”


Kenneth Flanagan: Prothena Biosciences

Posted: July 2, 2015

Topic: Improving Career Paths
“There are a glut of underpaid, and over educated postdocs in this country. There is a dearth of high school teachers with a background in science with hands on experience. It seems that there should be a method to solve these two problems simultaneously by making a fast track process to retrain these postdocs as teachers….”


Nene Kalu: MD Anderson Cancer Center

Posted: June 19, 2015

Topic: Improving Career Paths
“The PhD training in the United States is unparalleled and prepares us to be successful in a variety of positions. Not everyone who completes a PhD should/ wants to be at the bench but we all want to have a close connection to life changing research. Below I propose the development of new positions within institutions that PhDs are well equipped for…..”


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