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by Mary Sue Coleman | 20 June, 2024

Company Snapshot, Reviews, Prices, Legitimacy and More

Pharmacy Mall

Pharmacy Mall is a fairly popular online pharmacy, especially if you’re looking for a wide selection of generics and affordable healthcare products. But truth be told, with so many options, it’s wise to do some research before hitting the “Buy Now” button.

This review is meant to explore everything from its history and products to pricing and website usability. Ultimately, we’ll help you to figure out if Pharmacy Mall is the right choice for you.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what we found:


  • Pharmacy Mall has a huge range of medications and healthcare products to choose from.
  • Competitive pricing and great discounts make your budget happy.
  • Ordering online is a breeze.
  • No matter where you are, they can probably ship to you.
  • They specialize in generics, which are often much more affordable.


  • Shipping times can be a bit hit-or-miss depending on where you are from and what shipping method you decide to go for.
  • We’d love to see more info on where they source their medications from and their process of quality control.
  • Their website gets the job done, but you can’t really call it award-winning.

What’s the Deal with Pharmacy Mall?

Pharmacy Mall is not a newcomer among other online pharmacies since they’ve been around since 1997! That’s a pretty long time in this field, which means that they’ve got some experience under their belts and are pretty stable as a company.

But what do customers actually think about it? Well, it seems that the reviews vary. Many customers rave about “awesome prices” and the large variety of meds. But some have pointed out that shipping times are fairly unpredictable, and you might need to wait longer than expected.

Pharmacy Mall says that they adhere to all the rules of the Indian FDA, which is good to know. But it would be nice if they were more transparent about international licensing and certifications. It would also be really helpful if they highlighted any industry awards and recognition they’ve received.

What’s On Their Shelves?

Pharmacy Mall has a wide selection of medications to cover most of your everyday health needs. Here’s a peek at what they have to offer:

  • Prescription Medications:Whether you’re managing diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol, Pharmacy Mall likely has the prescription medications you need. Of course, you’ll need a valid prescription from your doctor before you can place an order.
  • Over-the-Counter Medications:Dealing with a headache, allergies, or a nasty cold? Pharmacy Mall has you covered with all the familiar OTC remedies you’d find at your local pharmacy.
  • Health Supplements:Want to give your health an extra boost? Pharmacy Mall also carries a variety of vitamins, herbal supplements, and other products to support your overall well-being.

A Note About Specialized Medications:

While their website doesn’t go into detail about specialized medications for more complex or rare conditions, it’s worth reaching out to Pharmacy Mall directly if you have specific needs. They might be able to help!

One of Pharmacy Mall’s biggest draws is its vast collection of generic medications. These generics often cost significantly less than their brand-name counterparts, which is great news for your wallet. However, if you’re looking for a specific brand-name medication, you might need to do a bit of searching on their website or contact them directly to see what’s available.

Are Their Prices Really THAT Good?

Let’s talk about what everyone’s thinking: those prices! One of the biggest reasons people flock to Pharmacy Mall is for its competitive pricing, especially on generic medications. We did a little comparison shopping, and it seems Pharmacy Mall often undercuts the competition, sometimes by quite a bit! This focus on affordability is a major win for budget-conscious shoppers and folks without insurance.

But wait, there’s more! Pharmacy Mall sweetens the deal even further with frequent promotions:

  • Percentage Discounts:Think deals like 10% off when you spend a certain amount, those kinds of savings really add up.
  • Coupon Codes:Be a smart shopper and keep your eyes peeled for coupon codes that unlock even deeper discounts.
  • Free Sample Pills:Want to try before you commit? Pharmacy Mall occasionally throws in free sample pills with orders.
  • Bulk Buying Power:While they don’t always advertise it, stocking up on your meds with a larger order might score you some extra savings.

One thing we’d love to see from Pharmacy Mall is a loyalty program. Right now, they don’t mention any rewards for their repeat customers, a little appreciation goes a long way!

Using the Pharmacy Mall Website

Pharmacy Mall gets points for convenience, offering both a website and a dedicated mobile app. The website definitely prioritizes function over fashion, it gets the job done, but it might feel a little nostalgic compared to the sleek designs you see on other online retailers these days. Finding your way around is pretty easy, though organizing a few sections a bit differently could make the experience even smoother.

Both the website and app have a handy search bar so you can hunt down specific medications by name or active ingredient. That said, the search results can sometimes feel like a bit of an information overload, and you might need to scroll a bit to find the exact product you’re after. On the plus side, the product descriptions are clear and helpful, giving you the essential details about what the medication is for, how to take it, and potential side effects. It would be even more helpful if they included more info about drug interactions and alternative treatment options, it would make the website and app even more valuable resources for customers.

When it comes to speed, the website is generally pretty zippy. However, pages with lots of product listings can sometimes take a little longer to load. If you’re after a faster, more streamlined experience on your smartphone or tablet, downloading the Pharmacy Mall app is definitely the way to go.

Ordering Products: What to Expect

Creating an account with Pharmacy Mall is a piece of cake, just your basic info like name, email, and shipping address, and you’re good to go.

If you’re ordering prescription meds, you’ll need to provide a valid prescription, of course. However, it would be helpful if Pharmacy Mall could be a bit clearer about how to submit and verify your prescription. This lack of transparency might give some folks pause.

Once you’ve filled your cart, checking out is very similar to other online stores. One thing to note is that you’ll need to create an account to place an order. No quick and easy guest checkout here.

Paying the Bill & Staying Safe

Pharmacy Mall accepts all the usual suspects when it comes to payment: Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. However, if you’re a PayPal fan (especially our international friends), you’re out of luck for now. Also, it’s not entirely clear whether they accept insurance payments, so you might want to reach out to their customer service team to double-check.

On the security front, Pharmacy Mall uses industry-standard “https” protocol and 128-bit SSL encryption to keep your info safe during checkout. These measures are definitely a step in the right direction, but it would be even better if they were more upfront about their overall data protection policies. Transparency builds trust, after all!

What to Expect from Shipping & Delivery

We all love a good deal, but let’s face it, when it comes to online pharmacies, reliable shipping is just as important as affordable prices.

Here’s the lowdown on Pharmacy Mall’s shipping options:

Choose Your Shipping Adventure:

  • Airmail: The Budget-Friendly Option:If you’re not in a rush and want to save some cash, Airmail is the way to go. Expect your order to arrive within 14-21 days, though keep in mind it could take up to 30 days (sometimes the postal gods work in mysterious ways). One important thing to note: Airmail packages can’t be tracked.
  • EMS Courier Delivery: Speed and Peace of Mind:In a hurry? Need to know where your package is every step of the way? EMS Courier Delivery is your best bet. It’s faster (3-8 business days) and trackable, but be prepared to pay a bit more. Also, this option might not be available everywhere.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind:

Pharmacy Mall gives you estimated delivery times, but some customers have mentioned that Airmail deliveries, in particular, can occasionally take a little longer than expected. Customs delays can also happen, which are unfortunately out of everyone’s control.

While Pharmacy Mall promises discreet packaging to protect your privacy, it would be great if they could share a bit more about the packaging materials they use to keep your medications safe and sound during their journey.

On a positive note, you’ll get a clear breakdown of shipping costs before you finalize your order.

Customer Support: Can You Get the Help You Need?

Everyone needs a little help sometimes, so how does Pharmacy Mall measure up when it comes to customer support?

Here’s how you can reach out to their team:

  • Email: Shoot them an email directly.
  • Contact Form: Fill out a general contact form on their website.

While they don’t currently offer live chat, it would be awesome to get real-time support, wouldn’t it? Pharmacy Mall aims to get back to you within 48 hours, but some customers have mentioned waiting a bit longer.

On the plus side, Pharmacy Mall does have a pretty comprehensive FAQ section that covers a lot of ground. That said, it would be even more helpful if they could organize the information by theme or add a search bar. Being able to quickly find the answers you need can be a lifesaver!

It would also be great to hear more from other customers about their experiences with Pharmacy Mall’s customer service, especially when it came to resolving issues. Seeing how they go above and beyond for their customers would definitely build trust!

Returns, Refunds, and Getting the Help You Need

Pharmacy Mall is happy to reship your order free of charge if it arrives damaged or if they accidentally sent you the wrong thing. However, their website isn’t super clear about returns for other reasons, like if you’re not happy with a product or realize you ordered the wrong medication. It would definitely be helpful if they could provide more details about their return process in general, just to give customers that extra peace of mind. A little more information about refunds, how long they take to process, and which payment methods are eligible would also be appreciated.

While Pharmacy Mall doesn’t have pharmacists on hand for online consultations, they definitely encourage everyone to talk to their doctor before starting any new medication (always good advice!). They do, however, have a really informative blog section with tons of articles on various health topics. It’s a great resource for learning more about your health!

Security & Privacy: Playing It Safe (But Could Be Safer)

Pharmacy Mall gets points for taking data security seriously. They use HTTPS protocol and 128-bit encryption on their website, which are the industry standards for keeping your personal information safe during online transactions. That being said, it would be great to see them be a little more upfront about how they store and protect your data. Just a little extra reassurance goes a long way!

Pharmacy Mall does have a detailed privacy policy, but honestly, it could use a makeover. Using simpler language and a more user-friendly layout would make it much easier for customers to understand how their information is being handled.

Another important point: while Pharmacy Mall says they follow all the rules and regulations of the Indian FDA for medication manufacturing, we’d love to see more transparency about a few things:

  • International Licenses: Are they licensed to operate in other countries?
  • Global Regulations: Do they comply with regulations in other parts of the world?
  • Supply Chain & Quality Control: Where do they source their products, and what steps do they take to ensure quality?

Being more open and informative about these critical areas would go a long way in building trust with customers.

What Are People Saying?

Pharmacy Mall proudly shows many great customer reviews right on their website. But it’s a good idea to look at reviews on other platforms just to be sure. This way, you’ll get a slightly more comprehensive picture.

Some customers report great experience with fast ordering and budget-friendly prices. Others, on the other hand, mention that shipping times can be pretty random. Support staff seems to be fairly inconsistent, where some people find the support team super helpful, while others face frustrating delays.

When it comes to technology, Pharmacy Mall seems to prioritize practicality over fancy features. You won’t find trendy AI-powered recommendations, live chat, or health tracking app integration. But while those things could boost convenience, Pharmacy Mall appears to focus on keeping the costs as low as possible.

Can Pharmacy Mall Keep Up in a Crowded Market?

Pharmacy Mall definitely deserves its place on the market by offering many budget-friendly products. Their large selection of generics and very nice prices are a big win for anyone isn’t rolling in cash. While it’s hard to determine just how popular they are, their two decades in business and international reach means that they’ve must have built up a large loyal customer base.

But never forget about the competition. Pharmacy Mall isn’t the only kid on the block. They’re always facing pressure from other established online pharmacies that might offer faster shipping or more responsive customer service.

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