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October 29, 2015
Northwestern University, Chicago
Future of Research Chicago (FORChicago) Meeting

(In reverse chronological order)

University of California, San Francisco
National Postdoc Reform Forum with NIH/NIGMS Director Dr. Jon Lorsch and UCSF Postdocs

5/3/2015 to 5/5/2015
University of Michigan
See slides from each workshop to see recommendations from the Future of Bioscience Graduate and Postdoctoral Training

University of Wisconsin–Madison
Rescuing Biomedical Research from its Systemic Flaws: Strategies and Pathways Ahead

UC Davis, California
UC ADVANCE Roundtable: “Building and Sustaining a Diverse Faculty: Implications for Faculty Advancement and Reward Systems”

University of California, San Francisco
UCSF Science Policy Group Forum: #ChangeThePostdoc

Future of Research Panel at the 2014 ASCB Annual Meeting in Philadelphia
Bruce Alberts, Kenny Gibbs Jr., Marc Kirschner, Kristin Krukenberg, Connie Lee, Jon Lorsch and Shirley Tilghman discuss The Future of Research, The Sustainability of the Scientific Endeavor. See blog post with audio at Future of Research site.

10/2/2014 – 10/3/2014
Boston workshop for postdoctoral fellows in biomedicine.
See Shaping the future of research, a perspective from junior scientists.

Public meeting of the President’s Council of Advisers on Science and Technology (PCAST)
Shirley Tilghman, Marc Kirschner and Harold Varmus discussed “Proceedings of the National Academies of Science and STEM Education.” Webcast available here.

8/19/2014 – 8/20/2014
Workshop to follow up Rescuing Biomedical Science paper at HHMI, Bethesda, Maryland
See Opinion: Addressing systemic problems in the biomedical research enterprise.

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