Launching the RBR Writing Program

We are pleased to announce the launch of Rescuing Biomedical Research’s Writing Program. This program is intended to help graduate students and postdocs about to embark on a career in science policy improve their policy writing skills. Working with Chris Pickett, Director of RBR, writers will write three posts for the RBR blog over a two-month period. The first post will analyze a recent policy issue, the second post will be a timely news piece and the topic of the third will be at the discretion of the writer.

The RBR Writing Program is intended for graduate students and postdocs who are considering applying for science policy fellowships or other policy positions in the coming year. For those interested in being an RBR writer, check out the Writing Program’s main page and then email Chris Pickett to set up a phone call and discuss the program in greater detail. You should also check out the first, second and third blog posts of Adriana Bankston, who helped us pilot the RBR Writing Program.