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How might a wider net be cast for producing workforce diversity?

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Comments by Jesse Vargas

Posted: September 11, 2015

I completed my BS at UC Irvine, MS at SIU Carbondale, and PhD at UC San Diego. I now work at UCLA. I have been involved in diversity outreach in the sciences at every institution and worked directly as a program director for diversity outreach summer programs for nearly a decade. The single largest obstacle to diversification in the sciences is pay at the post-doctoral level and beyond. In the US we are increasingly seeing the post-doc demographic shift towards international students with little to no student debt and to affluent Americans (usually of majority ethnic group background) who can afford to post-doc at low pay for several years, this is not an option for poor students.


Katherine Thompson-Peer: UCSF

Posted: May 19, 2015

Topic: Workforce diversity
Postdocs who are trying to raise a family while training for a scientific career need more support…Increasing support for postdoc parents would go a long way to increasing diversity at the postdoc and faculty stages, especially in the STEM fields where postdocs are longer and more common…


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